Nice to meet you,

you can call me Ellie. I’m 17 years old Finnish girl who loves reading, watching movies and TV series, crafting and studying languages. I also enjoy drinking tea, writing letters, baking cookies and doing sports. My favorite movie is Garden State, and will always be.

I mainly focus on reading young adult books and specificly science fiction, but with movies and TV shows my tastes are wider. I am also trying to read more diversely nowadays, trying out fantasy, contemporaries and classics. At the moment I’m really into watching Flash, Daredevil and Suits.

I started this blog because of my passion for all sorts of entertainment, but I also want to get better at writing, especially in English, since my first language is Finnish. I try to write diversely about all the things I enjoy and don’t enjoy. I’m afraid this will end up being lots and lots of rambling about sci-fi, but we shall see what happens.