My Sitcom Heart: Jake, Jeff and J.D.


Who is the coolest sitcom dude? Let’s see:

The Jokester:

All of our worst enemies are here. Brown hair guy. Ponytail lady. Asian Don Cheadle. I refuse to learn their names because it humanizes them. – Jake, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jacob “Jake” Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is my quilty pleasure and Jake is the cherry on the top of the cake. He is so over the top, way too childish but at the same time he is totally adorable and goofy in a  good way. Detective Peralta: Obviously the least trustworthy detective ever but still he manages do his job surprisingly well. He fits his team  of strange and stranger people rather well. His jokes aren’t always that awesome, but I must admit, as a guilty pleasure, he is funny.  Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not my favorite sitcom, but the fault is not Jakes.

The Charmer

Look at me. It’s clear to all of you that I am awesome. But I can never admit that because that would make me an ass. – Jeff, Community

Jeffrey “Jeff”  Winger is former lawyer who has to go back to college and… Well, Greendale is the weirdest possible community college I can imagine. Jeff is often the serious guy and the charmer, he gives a lot of speeches. He learns lessons better than Peralta, who never really seems to learn anything. His major problem is that he is a real douche every now and then… Though it’s part of his charm as well. I personally don’t think that he’s as funny as the other two guys in this playful competition. For me Community is the series I watch when I want to wind down after a long school day. It reminds me about how boring school I’m in, but also how being in a boring school is actually a good thing.

The Dreamer

Because nothing sucks worse than feeling alone, no matter how many people are around.-  J.D Scrubs

Doctor John “J.D.” Dorian. The guy with the wild imagination. He isn’t as funny as Jake or as cool as Jeff.  He’s just a little silly and sometimes a bit unlucky. But on the other hand he also has the best side-kick, because Turk is the coolest uncool supporting character ever. Turk and J.D. have admittedly the best bromance ever ( I mean, EEEAAAGLE!). J.D . is very personal character and I really love his inner monologues that make him feel so humane. He is a character who really learns things and grows. Scrubs is one of my all-time favorite tv-shows. In no way is it perfect, but… Well, it’s kind of perfect for me.


So today the winner is…..  J.D.! But that’s just my personal opinion. And I haven’t watched How I Met Your Mother enough to be able to let Ted take part in this competition. Maybe next time.

Also, what’s this thing with with each character having a nickname???

TN: Scrubs is called “Tuho-osasto” in Finnish. Tuho-osasto has one letter difference to word teho-osasto. But whereas teho-osasto means intensive care unit, Tuho-osasto means destruction unit.



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