The Beginning

It’s Autumn 2016 now. It’s rainy and windy, the lights keep on going out.  I want to curl up somewhere soft with a big pile of books and a nice cup of tea.

Well, that’s what I imagine I should do on a typical rainy day. Instead I decided to start this blog. I have dreamt of having a blog for a very long time, and I have started a few but never really took it seriously. I would had liked to begin this blog with an interesting post about some awesome geeky subject, such as Doctor Who, but I ended up with this introduction thing, because I felt like it would be a little softer start.

First about this blog: Translatenotes is all about living a geeky lifestyle. It’s about TV series, movies, books and everything relating, and not relating to that. My posts will be reviews, thoughts, recommendations and sometimes I’ll do some comparing between similar concepts or book to movie adaptations.  In this blog I’ll also be discussing translations of different kind of entertainment, since I read novels (and watch TV shows) in both English and Finnish I also like to point out amusing, or even just bad translations.

Secondly, about me: I love musicals, science fiction, tea and learning new things. I don’t like ignorance, spicy food, current pop music or high fantasy.  My favorite movie is Garden State, which is the total opposite of what I usually watch. I mostly read YA sci-fi, but I also like to read many other genres. On my free time I also craft (often fanart kind of stuff), do sports and study languages. My native language is Finnish so that should explain most of my grammar mistakes.

That’s my rather short introduction to this new bog, I hope you’ll enjoy  my posts!





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